UConn Basketball Scholarship Seating Program

We are asking for you to join us on our continuing mission to provide an outstanding academic and athletic experience for our student-athletes.

Dear UConn Basketball Fan:

Our championship success has served as a point of pride for many years. Dozens of conference titles and 15 combined men’s and women’s basketball championships are reason for celebration. Thankfully, though, we are not content with past achievements. At UConn, resting on our laurels is not an option.

Being back home in the Big East has brought a renewed sense of energy to all of our teams and our fan base alike, and we are hungry for more. Since our return to the Big East, our field hockey, baseball, women’s basketball, men’s and women’s track and field, and men’s golf teams have all captured conference crowns. We have rekindled old rivalries and are anxious to start new ones. Chasing conference and national titles is our everyday goal. You wouldn’t expect anything less.

Whether in business or sports or life itself, there are no shortcuts to success. Winning takes effort, diligence, perseverance and teamwork. We are very fortunate that our dedicated supporters understand the commitment and have been active participants in our mission for excellence. Our fans also realize that competing at the highest level requires ongoing resources. The costs associated with scholarship aid, recruiting, facilities and personnel across our 21 varsity teams continue to escalate. In examining best practices among our peers, we have seen that others, including the top programs in the Big East, are generating more funding through their scholarship seating programs than we are currently realizing. In some cases, annual fundraising efforts through tickets and/or seat donations are 20 to 30% percent higher at schools with which we compete regionally or nationally.

Please know we appreciate that UConn fans like you have helped carry the load for many years and have provided countless opportunities for the 600+ young men and women who proudly wear the Husky uniform. Your donations have laid a strong foundation on which our many championships have been built. But as we look ahead to the future, we must enhance our support, so that our coaches can bring the best, most talented student-athletes to Storrs and develop them into Huskies, both physically and mentally.

You will see important information here regarding basketball season ticket renewals and new sales. It will include, for men’s basketball, a three-year pricing schedule. Patrons who renew or order before the priority deadline will enjoy more favorable pricing than new customers who hop onboard later. For women’s basketball, you will notice the introduction of seat donations, similar to that which have been in place for the men over the past few years. Our women’s program continues to be the standard in the sport and must be supported as such.

Through these structural changes to our season ticket process, it is certainly not our intent to overburden our loyal supporters. We recognize that everyone has obligations which require the allocation of finite resources. That’s why we will continue to offer various price levels and options for every budget.

It is our hope that you will choose to travel with us on this ongoing journey, and that you will reflect on the joy which UConn basketball has brought to our lives and the heartwarming feelings derived from supporting the academic and athletic achievements of our student-athletes. Together, we will maintain the championship tradition which has become synonymous with UConn basketball. Go Huskies!


David Benedict
Director of Athletics

Current Lower Level Season Ticket Pricing

Men’s Basketball


*2021-22 cost (ticket plus seat donation) for one lower level sideline seat at Gampel and XL

Please know we appreciate that UConn fans like you have helped carry the load for many years and have provided countless opportunities for the 600+ young men and women who proudly wear the Husky uniform.

– David Benedict

Season Ticket Options

Section 2022-23 Season Ticket Year 1 Seat Donation (22-23) per seat Year 2 Seat Donation (23-24) per seat Year 3 Seat Donation (24-25) per seat Post Priority Deadline Pricing
Husky Value $115 $35 $45 $50
Upper Corners $300 $60 $75 $100
Upper Sideline $300 $60 $75 $100
Lower Endzone / Baseline Riser $400 $150 $175 $200
Lower Corner $475 $500 $600 $700
Lower Sideline $475 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400
Courtside (Baseline) $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000
Courtside (Sideline) $1,500 $3,300 $4,200 $5,000
Student Section

2022-23 Season Tickets Are Now On Sale

You can select from available seats at this time. After existing season ticket holders have an opportunity to renew, you will have the option to participate in the annual seat relocation and upgrade process, which will take place in August.

The Priority Order Deadline is June 17

Renew or purchase your season tickets by the priority deadline to receive the three-year tiered pricing. Patrons who purchase or renew season tickets after the priority deadline will pay year 3 pricing for the 2022-23 season.*

Countdown to the Priority Deadline
2022/06/17 17:00:00

*Renewing annually by the priority deadline ensures tiered pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

As a season ticket holder and supporter of UConn Athletics, you share the vision that a UConn athletic program is one of national relevance and competitive excellence. As we look to strategically execute that mission and continue to serve our student-athletes, increased revenue from all sources is necessary.